RETIREMENT PLANNING using Precious metals

You may also want to consider purchasing IRA approved precious metals with which to fund an IRA.  This is fairly similar to using currency to fund your IRA in that you don’t hold or administer the money you put into your IRA.

Establishing a precious metal IRA is done by deciding what to purchase, Money is then paid directly to or transferred from an existing IRA/401k by directing the bank or plan administrator to pay the desired investment to the chosen storage facility.   We work with several depositories and can work with your depository if you would like.

The chosen depository then pays our wholesaler for the precious metals you have chosen and the metals are shipped to the depository under your name and account number.   You will receive statements showing your ownership and value which will obviously adjust with spot values.

You may hear ads for self storage of your IRA precious metals.  While we don’t recommend self storage without thoroughly exploring IRS regulations to insure that it is done correctly, we can assist you with this purchase as well.