Most financial planners encourage their clients to invest in the stock market.  While we don’t discount this as part or your overall investment strategy, we believe that precious metals are an important way to diversify your portfolio and recommend having at least 10% of your portfolio in precious metals as an “insurance policy” against volatility in the currency markets and a bearish stock market.

Before the reader starts exploring this sight consider these facts from the 1930s:

A $20 bill could buy $20 dollars with of goods or services or be exchanged for a $20 gold piece.

Here are some prices from the 1930s:

Men’s suit – $19.75  one $20 dollar bill or one gold piece
New Chevy standard car – $465 23.25 $20 dollar bills or 23.25 $20 gold pieces
Six room house in Mansfield, Ohio could be purchased for $4000 – 200 $20 dollar bills or 200 gold pieces

Fast forward to 2016: 

$20 bill cannot purchase man’s suit but a $20 one ounce gold piece can
$465 in $20 dollar bills cannot purchase a new Chevy car (or any car for that matter) but 23.25 one ounce gold pieces can purchase a mid priced car
House in Mansfield, Ohio cannot be purchased for $4,000 in $20 dollar bills but 200 one ounce gold pieces will easily purchase a six room home

This is the power of precious metals.